getting it right – involving all the stakeholders for alternate service delivery

  • rely on an experienced consultant to guide you through the potential issues that can arise
  • ensure that applicable legislative & cba provisions adhered to, recognized and respected
  • tremendous change for employees – those that move and those that stay behind therefore communications is a critical component coupled with cultural change management,
  • ensure that the transition occurs with minimum disruption to your business
  • union or multiple unions involved?  engage them at the appropriate time and ensure that the consultation process with them is geared towards  ensuring a smooth transition of your employees – their members.
  • recognizing legitimate interests of all stakeholders to understand the status of the business development initiative, while you continue to manage the process, is crucial to your success.
  • first business development / alternate service delivery initiative?
    • rely on a consultant who understands the required steps to ensure that employees are treated fairly and with respect

mike has successfully focused on these kinds of initiatives and can bring that expertise, based on hands on experience, to your organization to assist you



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