chief spokesperson

  • chief spokesperson, with experience ranging from single union negotiations to complex negotiations involving up to five (5) separate unions and nineteen (19) collective bargaining agreements
  • getting to yes using either traditional bargaining or a mutual gains approach

collective bargaining preparation

  • preparation – developing the strategy to obtain your bargaining goals
  • based on the needs of your organization
  • expecting the unexpected will reduce unproductive time at the table and lead to a solution that meets your goals

collective bargaining

  • reviewing current collective agreement(s)
  • meet with key team members to learn the appropriate background for your workplace
  • mike will assist in preparing bargaining proposals, based on your goals for the next round of bargaining.
  • mike can serve as your chief spokesperson or sit at the table to provide labour relations expertise
  • once negotiations have concluded, mike will provide support if required to your management team to ensure the collective bargaining agreement is updated according to the agreed to settlement and to ensure that the management team at all levels are appropriately briefed.



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